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Weekly Oral Fluency Plan

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Oral Fluency Weekly Plan

  Mondays:  Adult read aloud Choose a book or part of a book to read with an adult. Listen to the adult’s expression as he or she reads to you.  

Tuesdays: Echo reading
Using the same book from Monday, have an adult read a page or section of the book aloud as you follow along with your eyes and finger.  Then, reread that same section or page to the adult.  

Wednesdays: Paired reading

Take turns reading pages or sections of the book with an adult. The parent should read first, and then you read second.  Continue taking turns reading.  

Thursdays: Read aloud

Read the same book from Monday to an adult or another member of your family.  Remember to read with expression and sound out any troublesome words.  

Fridays:  Book share

Bring your book to school to share with the class, your teacher, or Mrs. Gittelman.  You can also bring in a note from your parent or adult that you worked with all week describing how wonderful you read.  Tell about your book and what you enjoyed most in the story.



Ask your child to listen to the way you read- then ask them to listen to themselves as they read.  Ask, “Are you listening to yourself?  Did it sound right?  Did you read with expression?”  Fluent reading consists of three or four word phrase groups with expression.




Oral Fluency Weekly Plan shared by Laura Harrington

Revised by Tara Gittelman