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Translation Websites

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Translation Websites

Helpful for parents, teachers, and ELL students in grades 3-5!

  • Choose language. Type in word. Click "free translation."

  • Choose language of translation. For example: English to Spanish. Type in a word & click "translate."

  • Translate a word in over 30 different languages!

  • Choose language of translation. Type in a word & click "translate."
  • You can even translate a web page!

  • Pronunciation activities help teachers communicate with ELLs by learning phrases in their native languages.
  • Language expression in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese.
  • Listening activities appropriate for language learners at all levels (focuses on pronunciation of common words and expressions).

  • English Spanish vocabulary quizzes.

  • Provides definitions of english words to help ELLs.