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After reading I should

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After Reading Strategies

There are many different strategies readers use prior to reading, as they read, and after they read.  Listed below are a few strategies to practice and to help build better comprehension skills.



After reading I should:

&   Summarize what I just read after a paragraph, few pages, or a chapter.

&   Ask myself and answer,

o        “What did I learn about the topic or character(s) in the story?”

o        “Were my predictions correct?”

o        “What connections did I make to the story?  To another story or text?  To the world?”

&   Reread the story for clarification

&   Reflect on what you just read; “What did I read about?”

&   Create more questions about the book or characters

&   Make more predictions about the topic, a character, or for the next chapter in a chapter book.

&   Share the story with an adult, a friend, or a teacher.



The before, during, and after reading strategies listed above are just a sample of strategies that good readers use.  Please help your son or daughter practice using these strategies when reading aloud; model these strategies during your own personal reading and as you observe your child reading.