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Parent Resources - Fluency and Problem Solving

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Math Fact Fluency: Procedural fluency “How” – Performing procedures accurately, efficiently, and flexibly.

Conceptual understanding “Why” – Comprehend ideas and find connections to improve understanding and retention.

Fluency is not speed or memorization of isolated facts.

Learn math by actively doing math.

  • Focus on two to four facts at a time until mastery
  • Short (5 min) daily practice sessions
  • Use the “fact family” for the fact being practiced
  • Online programs:

First in Math - – school funded (K-5)

Xtramath - – a resource to build students’ Math Fact Fluency for all four operations once they have strategies firmly in place.  Once at Xtramath’s website, choose the tab titled Get Started – For Parents.  You will receive a weekly progress report for your child.  Another nice feature is that the program is designed so that students are only working for about ten minutes each day.  Once time is up and they complete what is required, the program will tell the child that he/she is finished for the day. 

Problem Solving:

It is essential for students to explain their reasoning behind a strategy, solution, or conjecture (an opinion or conclusion formed on incomplete information). 

Reasoning can be explained in words, numbers, with objects, drawings, diagrams, etc. 

Students need to be able to work independently, use efficient problem solving strategies, and communicate accurately and precisely. 

It is essential that there is a balance of enjoyment and enrichment.

MOEMS - – Math Olympiad problem of the month

Yummy Math - – current, real world problem solving

Bedtime Math - – real world, age specific problems sent daily to phone

Progressions of Math in Elementary School:

See how students are taught the various operations, algorithms, fractions, etc. from kindergarten through 6th grade.  There are progression videos for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. There is also a video for the progression of fractions: the meaning, equivalence, & comparison. 


Some more fabulous math websites:

Math Moments - - district resource that contains math resources, websites, problem solving and assessments

Greg Tang Math - – variety of challenging problems

Khan Academy - – instructional videos and practice exercises


Math Logic Puzzles and Games:

The 24 Game - or use the set of cards

Sudoku -

Ken Ken -

Set -

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