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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who do I contact to obtain IST services for my child or to learn more about the process?

A: You can contact your child's teacher or the Instructional Support Teacher, Julie Wetherill


Q: Who will attend the initial IST meeting?

A: At an initial meeting, members of the team include your child's teacher, the Instructional Support Teacher, and you, the parent. The building principal often attends these meetings. Other teachers and specialists, including the reading specialist, speech therapist, or math specialist, who have knowledge of your child and may have pertinent information to assist in the IST process may be included.  


Q: What can I expect if my child goes through the IST process?

A: As the parent, you are an integral part of the process. The initial part of the IST inquiry is data collection. Data will be collected from your child's teacher, you, and your child. The Instructional Support Teacher will make class visits to observe your child as well. Once the data has been collected, it will be compiled into a data summary which will be presented at a meeting, to which you will be invited and asked to participate. At this initial meeting, strategies and interventions will be agreed upon and put into place for thirty school days to help your child become a more successful learner. At the end of the thirty day period, the team will reconvene to determine how much progress has been made and/or if the plan needs to be tweaked. If your child is progressing with the strategies that have been put into place, the strategies will continue.  If your child is not responding to the interventions, goals and strategies can be further modified, increasing in intesity and/or frequency.  These modified interventions can be continued for another thirty days or a team decision could be made to further evaluate your child.


Q: If  my child goes through the Instructional Support process and the team decides to pursue further testing, who will see this information?

A: The results of a multidisciplinary testing will be shared by the school psychologist with you, your child's teacher, and the building principal. An evaluation report is generated and will become part of your child's confidential file.