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ARTICULATION refers to sound production. When children mis-pronounce sounds, it impacts their overall speech clarity and can also impact phonic skills.

Definition of an articulation disorder: the atypical production of speech sounds characterized by omissions, additions, substitutions, or distortions that may interfere with intelligibility (ASHA, 1993).

Characteristics: omits, adds, substitutes, and/or distorts speech sounds

Developmental Guidelines for Speech Sounds*

By Age (in Years)

Speech Sounds


p, b, k, g, t, d, m, n, h, w, f, y


ng, v, consonant r, l


s, z, sh, ch, th (voiced & voiceless), j, zh, vocalic r

Articulation Word Lists

This site has a ton of word lists to practice with at home! While I recommend that you continue to utilize the individualized word lists that you have been compiling, this site might give you some ideas!