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 Dear Parents or Guardians,

             We have students in every grade who have a severe allergy to nuts.  This food allergy can be life-threatening so strict avoidance is the only way to prevent an allergic reaction.  Nuts or nut oil can be found in many foods, including baked goods and many chocolate candies.

            We must do all we can to provide all our students with a safe learning environment.  In an effort to allow all students to participate fully in school activities, we ask that you do not send in any food for snacks in the classroom or classroom parties that may contain nuts, peanut butter, or nut oils.  Please purchase foods with labels that can be checked for ingredient safety. It is important that you read the entire label of all foods being purchased for your child’s classroom.

              If you choose, you may still pack items containing nuts for your child to eat in the cafetorium for lunch.

              Below is a list of snack suggestions which do not contain nuts.   This list is provided as a reference and in response to parent inquiries.  We hope that you will consider sending the healthy and nutritious alternatives of fresh fruit, dried fruit, vegetables, yogurt and cheese             We have also set up a “nut-free” lunch table in our cafetorium for each lunch period.  Any child who has a nut allergy may sit at this table.  Their friends may sit with them only if they DO NOT have any food items in their lunch that contain nuts.

             The school nurse is available at 215-944-1809 to help answer any questions or provide guidance.  Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

                   MMW Elementary School is a nut safe school. 

All snacks sent to school that are intended for classroom sharing must be peanut/nut free.  Please read the ingredients labels carefully before sending in a snack.  There is a peanut/nut free table in the lunchroom.  

For more information Click on these websites:

American Academy of Pediatrics

Children's Hospital of Pennsylvania  

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network