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Social Studies

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Social Studies

Social Studies

This year we will be piloting a new textbook.  It is made by National Geographic and is called World History Great Civilizations- Ancient Through Early Modern Times.  We will not be covering the entire book. 

Students can access the online textbook at home by going to  Then click on student.   All students will have the same username and password.  

Username: first two letters of First name and last name then student ID#

Example: AMSM100059   

Password:  CR then Student ID#

Example: CR100059

The units we will cover are:

The Development of Human Societies (Early Man briefly)- Chapter 1 The Development of Human Societies

Quizlet for Chapter 1

Ancient Mesopotamia- Chapter 3

Ancient Egypt- Chapter 4

Ancient India- Chapter 6

Ancient China- Chapter 7

Mesoamerica- Chapter 16

South and North America (if time) - Chapter 17