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Meet Freida Our FORMER Class Foster Pet

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 Our first foster pet, was adopted!!!

Update: YEA!!! Freida was adopted by Mrs. Ratamess here at Holland Elementary.  She updates us and will bring Freida back to visit us soon.  We are so happy she found her forever home!!!


Hello, my name is Freida.  I am a white, dwarf bunny with beautiful blue eyes.  Ms. Wolverton's Class had temporarily adopted me until I found my forever home.  There wasn't any more room for me at the shelter as I was one of five bunnies there and I had been staying there since June.   I was also afraid of the cat room, of course.  I am friendly, quiet, and well behaved, even for nail clippings and baths!  I like being pet between my big ears and on my back.  I am super soft and super cute--Bailey has told me so!

My favorite things to eat are dandelion greens, curly and Italian parsley, carrots, romaine lettuce (caught eating in the photo above), collard greens, Timothy hay, and rabbit pellet food (in that order)!!! I will even take parsley out of your hand as I did with our former class student volunteer, Joe,--He was feeding me well, as I like to eat my greens and be healthy.  I am only two years young and sweet as pie.  I like children alot and enjoy watching them work as they participate in school! 


PS: I like to visit the third grade courtyard for my recess.