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Science Fair Rules


Science Fair


Holland Elementary Science Fair Rules

  1. All projects should be clearly labeled with the student(s) name(s), grade, and project title.
  2. All experiments using animals or humans as subjects should cause no harm or undue stress to the subject. 
  3. No live animals may be exhibited at the science fair. Models, stuffed animals, or photographs should be used instead. 
  4. No human body parts should be displayed. Exceptions are teeth, hair, and nails.
  5. No bacterial cultures or molds may be brought in. If using, take pictures to display on your board.
  6. No controlled substances shall be exhibited.
  7. No dangerous or combustible chemicals shall be displayed at the science fair. Rockets or engines must not contain fuel. (No volcano projects can erupt at school.)
  8. Any substances brought into the school MUST be labeled and NON-TOXIC.
  9. No open flames will be permitted at the school.
  10. Experiments requiring electricity for the display are discouraged. We do not have access to a large number of outlets. If electricity is required, we must know when the topic of your science project is submitted.
  11. During your experimenting at home, student experimenters shall wear safety goggles (eye protection) and follow standard safety practices when working at home with fire, hot liquids, or caustic chemicals.  Parent approval and supervision are required for these projects, which must be conducted at home.
  12. Expensive or fragile items should not be displayed. Valuable items essential to the project should be simulated or photographed. Holland Elementary cannot be responsible for any items that are lost or broken.
  13. Collections (i.e., minerals, shells, feathers, etc.) should be protected with a suitable covering.
  14. Items to be displayed in front of the tri-fold board shall be adequately secured (i.e., batteries, wire, switch, and motor – secure to a piece of plywood and placed in front of tri-fold board).
  15. Carefully pack all materials when transporting to and from the science fair.